Square Foot Garden 2x2

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The 'Square Foot Garden' concept was started about 25 years ago in the USA by Mel Bartholomew.With a square foot garden, you can manage a small area for maximum productivity.A square foot garden is simply a raised bed that is divided into areas of one square foot. The raised bed is filled with a good quality compost and then planted with a range of different crops, usually a single type of vegetable or flower in each section. As soon as each crop is harvested, it is replaced by another. Productivity is high - 16 onions can be grown in just one square foot section, for example.

 Taller plants are usually grown at the back so they do not shade the smaller crops. Our 3x2 and 3x3 square foot gardens havedeeper sections for veg, such as carrots, that need additional soil depth. The sections are easily reached from the side, so the soil is never compacted.The garden can be sited pretty much anywhere, even on a patio, balcony or concrete floor, but ideally with a good southerly exposure.

This is a 2 by 2 foot garden, and has a total of 4 square foot sections. It is ideal for young children, or a very small area such as a balcony.

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External Dimensions: 63 (w) x 65(d) x 28(max h) cm

This product is available in Green, Blue, or Yellow.


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