Poultry Netting Kit 25m

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A starter electrified poultry netting set. It includes everything you need other than a power source:

  • 110cm high green nylon and wire netting with integral posts
  • Corner pegs and guy lines
  • Battery/Mains Energiser Unit
  • 4 rigid corner posts with double spike
  • Earth stake
  • Warning sign

Flexible netting is ideal for keeping your birds in an enclosed area with their house, or for fencing around your veggie patch. We recommend this set as it is electrified to keep Mr Fox out! The bottom rows of netting have a smaller hole making it suitable for smaller birds.

If you plan to operate from battery power, you will need a 12v 'leisure' battery and a means of recharging it. These are available from all good agricultural suppliers.

You may also need (if running from 240v mains power) some HT lead-out cable to take power to the fence, as most energisers only have short mains cable. 25m of HT lead is enough to remote the fence up to 12.5m from the energiser, double the distance for 50m of HT lead.

Height: 110 cm
Length: 25m

The Netting is available in Green Only