Livestock Ark Small

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Perfect for a trio of geese, or similar. Our Small Livestock Ark has been designed to meet the needs of anyone who needs to house just a few moderate sized animals in comfort. We keep some of our own breeding trios of geese in them, but they are equally suitable for pygmy goats, ducks or non-perching breeds of chicken, for example.While this ark is small, it is still robust. The front, back and base are all made from 9mm thick panels, so the ark is very strong. It needs no maintenance whatsoever, and because it won't rot or rust, it should last over 20 years. No tools are required to build this ark, and it can be assembled in less than 10 minutes. And dis-assembled even more quickly, if you want. An eye is provided at each end of the roof bar for a rope, should you wish to move the ark in one piece with a loader tractor. Hand holes are provided - two people can lift one of these arks.The central roof panel is easily removed, so adding fresh bedding and cleaning is a breeze. We don't know of any other arks offering this feature.This ark has a solid floor. As standard, it comes with a door which, when not in use, clips to the front of the house - nicely out of the way but always there if you want to use it. When closed, it is held securely in place by a quick release clip, and makes the ark fox proof. Two adjustable vents permit ventilation when the door is closed.

There are no options or accessories for this product.

External Dimensions: 126 (w) x 86 (max h) x 119 (d) cm
Internal Dimensions: 121 (w) x 83 (max h) x 114 (d) cm
Door Opening: 39(w) x 68(h) cm

The Livestock Ark is available with a Green, Blue or Yellow roof.
All other parts, including the door, will be black.


Here is the User Guide for this product. It includes full assembly instructions adobepdf.jpg.