Greenhouse Staging Trug

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The trug is designed to be used in conjunction with our Greenhouse Staging, and it simply clips onto a side or an end. It can be slid along the side, tooIt's the ideal place to keep your tools when potting up or doing other work on the staging, as it keeps the work surface free, yet the tools are still handy. And you can carry it round the greenhouse or garden with you, as well. It has three carry handles, for either one-handed or two-handed carrying.The trug, like all our products, is very strong and easy to clean, so should last a lifetime.

There are no options or accessories for this product.

External Dimensions: 38(w) x 26(w) x 21(h) cm

This product is available in Black only.

The assembly instructions for this product are in the User Guide for the Greenhouse Staging.