Field Shelter Large

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Domestic chickens are descended from jungle fowl and are used to having some overhead cover from airborne predators. They also need protection from the elements. This field shelter provides cover from rain, wind, hail and, in the height of summer, it provides shade. It is also ideal for placing food containers underneath, so that the chicken feed is kept dry.The shelters are robust, yet can be quite easily moved using the carrying handles. Stakes are provided to anchor the house to the ground, which should prevent it blowing away in a high wind.

We can also provide an end panel in black that fixes to one side with cable ties. This will provide extra protection from the elements, which can be useful in exposed locations.

External Size: 152 (w) x 78 (h) x 118 (d) cm

The Field Shelter is available in Green, Blue or Yellow.


Here is the User Guide for this product. It includes full assembly instructions adobepdf.jpg.