Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our Poultry Housing

    • We really do believe so, and we have not received any reports of a fox getting into one of our houses when the door has been closed.

      Our plastic is quite tough and is ‘chew-resistant’ and the vent holes are much too smal for a fox, so the doors represent the only real means of entry. The back doors all have locking levers or clips. Our standard front doors are recessed into door guides and can also be clipped shut for added security. The front door on the Chicken Wagon can be loked shut by a silding handle.

      Auto opening doors are mounted internally and, while they cannot be locked shut, the bottom edge is not accessible when the door is closed.
    • Red mite are tiny, and live in cracks and joints in poultry housing. Because our houses are made from solid plastic, there are very few suitable places for them, unlike wood and felt which provide a great environment for them to live and breed. We recommend sprinking some Diatom powder around the house when refreshing the bedding, so that any mites are quickly dealt with before they can multiply. The plastic is also easy to clean, should you be unfortunate enough to actually get an infestation.

      So, while our houses aren’t red-mite-proof, they are probably the best on the market for keeping red mite at bay and for easy cleaning.

      Here is some unedited feedback from one of our customers:

      I've just discovered red mite in one of my coops, I thought you might like some feedback! They took up residence in the join between nest box and main coop, easily dealt with. Not so easy were the groups under the discs that adjust the ventilation - I took the discs off (and won't be putting them back on since I never use them anyway.)

      Poultry Shield runs a very satisfying green colour when it meets red mite, so cleaning the coops was really easy - Poultry Shield all over, brush, rinse, then repeat to make sure the Poultry Shield stays clear. I'll do them again in a few days to catch any eggs that might have been missed.

      I blame the sudden warm weather for undermining my defences of Diatomaceous Earth and ant powder.

      I'm very pleased with how easy the coops were to clean.
    • Yes, and at no additional charge to you. Just place your order in the normal way and them email us at the address at the top of this page letting us know that you need the nest box on the opposite side of the house. Altenatively, telephone us to place your order.
    • The plastic we use is a surprisingly good insulator, even though it is a solid material. Our houses are no colder than a wooden house would be. You still need adequate ventilation which means that the temperature inside the house will be quite near that of the ambient air temperature whether you have a wooden or plastic house. Also, remember that chickens are quite tolerant of the cold, as their feathers provide good insulation. You can get insulated plastic houses, but they tend to have a two-walled construction with a foam layer between. Great for insulation but a disaster if a crack opens up (as can easily happen) as mites just love the cosy little internal spaces made available and are then almost impossible to eradicate.
    • The plastic we use is a surprisingly good insulator, even though it is a solid material. We thought that this might be a problem for our houses, but have been delighted to find that this is not the case. One early prototype house, with a black roof, sat outside our workshop in the reflected heat from two large galvanised doors on the hottest day of the summer, and we were amazed to find that the temperature inside was quite cool – certainly no warmer than any wooden house would have been.
    • Our houses can have mild condensation, but this should not be a problem if there is sufficient ventilation. Most people, we suspect, provide inadequate ventilation, thinking that the birds need to be kept warm on chilly winter nights. However, as you probably know, the birds need plenty of fresh air to prevent respiratory problems. If you are ventilating well, the air flowing through the house will tend to make an insulated house pretty much pointless!. Since all of our poultry houses have one fixed (non-adjustable) vent (i.e. it remains permanently open) this should not be a problem.

Questions about Dog Kennels

    • Dogs don’t seem to like chewing the plastic much - we say the plastic is ‘chew-resistant’. The only report we have had of chewing was from an owner whose very ‘chewy’ dog (which had just nibbled a wooden kennel to pieces) apparently tried eating our kennel for a bit and then gave up – which is encouraging! If damage is done, we can always replace individual panels, which is reassuring.

Questions about Shippng and Product Assembly

    • Our products are all delivered flat-packed for self-assembly. Full instructions are provided.
    • We provide comprehensive instructions (you can download these from the product details page). Obviously, some products take longer than others, but most people manage to put their products together successfully in well under an hour. You certainly don’t have to be a DIY expert. It’s easier than putting together a flat-pack from IKEA, because our instructions have very clear diagrams accompanied by text written in English.
    • You only need a few very basic tools: 10mm ring spanner (or 10mm socket wrench or a small adjustable spanner) Large Phillips or Pozidrive (Cross-head) screwdriver Sharp Knife (e.g. Stanley Knife) Small flat-bladed screwdriver (optional)
    • and a Small Phillips or Pozidrive (Cross-head) screwdriver (for the Chickenguard opener)

Questions about shipping

    • We offer free shipping to England, Wales and the Scottish Lowlands. Shipping to the Scottish Highlands and Islands, the Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Scillies and Northern Ireland is much more expensive, and we have to apply a surcharge to these areas. The surcharge is specific to each product and is shown on the product page.. We can also ship to the Republic of Ireland and the rest of the EU and Switzerland but an additional shipping charge will need to be made. As an example, the additional cost of shipping a Medium Chicken House to France recently was £36 +VAT. Customers from EU countries and the Channel Islands wishing to obtain a quotation for shipping should contact us by email (for clarity). To provide a quote, we will need to know your contact details (full name and address including postal code, email address and telephone number) and exactly which product(s) you need shipped. Unfortunately, owing to the size and weight of our packages, we cannot ship to the rest of the world.
    • We can ship to other EU countries at Zero VAT only if we are given a valid EU VAT number. The Channel Isles has special VAT arrangements - we ship with Zero VAT but VAT is payable in the Channel Islands on import by the customer.
    • We do not carry many products in stock, owing to the number of variations it is possible to order. Consequently, the vast majority of deliveries are manufactured when an order is received. Our manufacturing leadtime is usually 3-5 working days. Its always wise to allow an additional 2 days for UK shipping. Leadtimes can increase during the summer when we are busiest and we recommend that you allow up to 10 days for delivery, to be on the safe side. If your order is urgent, or you want it delivered on a particular day, please call or email us (ideally before ordering) and we will do our best to help.
    • When your product is ready to ship, we create the shipping labels for the courier and put them on your packages. You will then receive an email from us giving you the corier tracking information. You can also log into your account to check your order status.
    • You can log into your account to check your order. To change or cancel an order, it will be necessary to contact us by phone or email
    • Check online with the shipper to see whether all your packages were delivered. If any still appear to be in the courier's system, please contact them in the first instance. otherwise, please contact us for further assistance.
    • Please email us, stating which parts and how many of each are missing/damaged, and we will send them out to you. It is important that you use the part descriptions in the User Guide, so that we can accurately identify each part. "I am missing the plastic clip thingy" isn't terribly helpful.

Questions about payment

    • During the checkout process you may choose any of our current payment options and continue to place your order. We currently accept Visa Credit and Debit Cards. Unfortunately, we do not currently accept American Express cards. Please note that we will not ship your order until we receive payment from you.
    • We much prefer you to place orders on the website, as this makes order administration much easier for us, but we can take orders over the phone if required.

Questions about Security and Privacy

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Questions about money and tax

    • VAT is payable on all orders shipped to the United Kingdom. Orders shipped to the Channel Islands, other EU countries and to other International destinations can be shipped VAT free, but you'll need to speak to us to arrange this.
    • Log into your account using the link at the top right hand side of our site to print invoices.
    • Your credit card will be charged when you checkout or, for telephone orders, when your order is ready to ship.