Custom Signs



We have the expertise to be able to put pretty much any design you can imagine onto a sign. We specialise in outdoor signs, as the recycled plastic that we use is extremely tough and impervious to the elements. It is also UV stable, so the colours won’t fade in the sun. Using state-of-the-art CAD software driving a CNC router, we can design and cut very complex designs at extremely high precision.

The plastic we use is black, with a thin coloured film on one surface, which is cut through by the router. So most of our designs appear as black lettering and graphics on a solid coloured ground. However, more complex effects, including inlays of other colours, can be produced at additional expense.

We have an in-house design capability, and can take a brief and produce signs to meet your specifications.

As a guide, prices for standard signs (black design on colour) are in the range £75 – £100 per square metre. However, since every design is different, we do have to quote for each custom design, so please call us to discuss your requirements in detail.