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Most cold frames on the market are made from wood or metal, both of which suffer badly in the UK climate. Many cold frames last only a year or two before being consigned to the scrap pile. Fortunately, that need not happen any more.Our cold frames are tough enough to withstand the harshest winter, and they won't rot or rust. They are also resistant to chewing, which helps deter rodents. They don't contain glass - the clear plastic panels are made from PETG which is strong, very clear and, whilst not made from recycled material, can itself be recycled.We have designed the cold frames with an easy-to-use latch mechanism that allows the lids to be held open almost vertically, so providing ease of access. No more holding the lid open with one hand while holding a heavy pot in the other! The same mechanism allows the lids to be closed, partially or fully. Carry handles are provided at each end, so the frame can be easily moved.Being plastic, there are few crevices for pests to hide in, and the cold frames are easily cleaned. And of course, if you need to dismantle your cold frame for any reason, perhaps because you are moving house for example, you can easily do so and then rebuild it just as easily - your cold frame will not be damaged by this process.

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External Dimensions: 60 (w) x 47 (h) x 71 (d) cm

This product is available in Green, Blue or Yellow.


Here is the User Guide for this product. It includes full assembly instructions adobepdf.jpg.

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