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Expected release date is 31st May 2021






Green Frog Designs' Chicken Run allows you to create a high quality enclosure to contain and protect chickens or other livestock. Constructed in modular form, units are (approx) 2m (6'6”) on a side and (approx) 2m (6'6”) high. The enclosure comes as a basic frame with one door, plus sufficient cable ties to attach welded mesh or netting, and ground anchors. We provide weldmesh as standard, but this can be removed if you prefer to procure your own enclosure material. NOTE: Photos show 2x2m run - for detailed configuration of this run, please refer to the User Guide at the bottom of this page).

Larger and differently shaped runs can be created by adding individual components available from our accessories pages. However, it should be noted that additional corner bracing may be required for other configurations - this requires angle joints which are not yet available from Green Frog Designs, so design would remain the responsibility of the customer and construction would require some DIY skills. Smaller or shorter runs can be created simply, by reducing the frame dimensions. Once again, design would remain the responsibility of the customer and construction would require some DIY skills. On our accessories pages, you can purchase additional tubes, joints and other parts, if you wish to customise, modify or repair your enclosure.


The frame is manufactured from 25mm square section, 2mm thick, aluminium tubing with plastic corner joints. Whilst our aluminium is not 100% recycled, aluminium can be recycled indefinitely, and recycling uses only 5% of the energy used to produce virgin material, so it is a relatively 'green' material. The tube is powder coated dark green, to blend in with the surroundings.

The plastic corner joints are gently hammered into the tube to provide a robust joint, but they are removable. We recommend using a plastic or rubber mallet for insertion and removal, which helps prevent impact damage.


The door is made from the same aluminium tube as the frame, but it has welded corner joints for increased strength and stiffness. The spring loaded handle can be operated with one hand from inside and outside the enclosure. It has a manual catch which can be used to stop the door from opening. Plastic hinges are used to attach the door to the frame, and it can be hung either way round (left or right opening) and can open in either direction (inwards or outwards). If using electric fencing, the door should be hung to open inwards to avoid getting an electric shock.


There is an enormous range of different options for containing livestock, and customers have an equally wide range of different requirements and budgets. For example, if predator attack is a concern, then full mesh sides and a netting roof may be needed, whereas if this is not an issue, then chicken wire or polypropylene netting sides alone may be sufficient.

Since it is not practical for us to offer everything that is possible, we only offer our runs with 25mm hole size, 16 gauge (1.5mm) welded mesh sides and optional netting top covers. This weldmesh is strong enough to resist a fox attack and will last for years without rusting. Wire cutters, pliers or similar will be required to cut the Chicken Wire or Netting to size, and it is fixed to the frame with cable ties. We supply only entire rolls of wire or mesh, so there will be some surplus. There may be enough to make a 'skirt' around the base of the enclosure.

Our frames are suitable for you to add your own enclosure material, if you perhaps want to opt for a heavier or half-height mesh, or one with a larger spacing, or a lighter netting, for example.


Qty 1 x 15m roll of 915mm tall, 25mm hole, galvanised 16g weldmesh
Qty 1 x 6m roll of 1220mm tall, 25mm hole, galvanised 16g weldmesh
Qty 1 x 15m roll of 1220mm tall, 25mm hole, galvanised 16g weldmesh
Perimeter of Enclosure = 16m
Usable surplus after covering sides and door = approx 4m x 1220mm

This option provides sufficient welded mesh to completely cover the sides of the run and the door. There should be sufficient surplus to attach a 300mm side skirt, if so desired.


Qty 1: 5m x 5m piece of 600 denier 38mm (1.5”) hole polypropylene bird netting
Qty 100: Re-usable plastic netting clip

We provide enough bird netting to cover the roof of the run, and to overlap each side to a depth of 0.5m (19.5”).


Our Chicken Run has solid tubes on the bottom, which (providing the ground is level) will be enough to keep the poultry in and some unwanted visitors out. However, this does not make the enclosures 'fox-proof' or 'badger-proof'. While it is possible to add a mesh base to our runs, we do not recommend this as it prevents the chickens from scratching and can harm their feet.

Some poultry keepers like to add 'ground skirts' to their runs, in order to prevent predators from digging under the base rail. It is quite easy to attach skirts to our runs. Indeed, there may be enough mesh or chicken wire left over (we provide full rolls only) to do this, though you may need to purchase extra. However, grass will grow through the mesh, and it will tend to deform whenever the run is moved, so there are disadvantages with skirts.

If predators are a threat, we generally recommend that an electric fence is used. We recommend one or two wires set some 60-100cm (4-6”) or so from the base of the run. An additional wire can be used at the top of the mesh, but this is not often needed. We offer electric fencing supports as an option (see below).


We manufacture simple electric fence brackets that clip onto the frame and support up to 4 wires, though one or two is generally sufficient. Brackets can be used at the top and bottom of the panels, but top protection is rarely necessary. We recommend one bracket every 1m. Brackets at corners are fixed together, to hold them in place and to provide stability. Intermediate brackets are fixed to the rails using cable ties. Depending upon the gauge of wire used in the enclosure, it may be necessary to clip out a tiny piece of mesh to accommodate the bracket.

Please note that additional items will be needed to create your electric fence, such as an energiser, battery, ground spike and conductors (we recommend galvanised twisted wire).


The frames should be strong enough to attach a fabric rain cover, but they can be a problem in high winds. We recommend the use of a free-standing shelter, such as our own Field Shelter.


Our enclosures do not have much wind resistance, and so should not be seriously affected by high winds. However, if the enclosure is to be sited in an exposed position, you may wish to fix the frame to the ground using metal ground anchors for added security. These are provided with the frame.


Overall Dimensions: 405 (w) x 205 (h) x 405 (d) cm
Door: 65 (w) x 185 (h) cm
Note that there is a 130mm gap above the door, which can be closed by additional mesh or netting, if necessary

The frame is Green, and the corner joints are black or green.
The weldmesh is, well, silvery.


Here is the User Guide for this product. It includes full assembly instructions: adobepdf.jpg.

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