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No. of Large Fowls, No. of Bantams,


No. of Large Fowls:
Up to 2 Large Fowls
No. of Bantams:
Up to 4 Bantams


Chicken Lodge Small - Made from 100% Recycled Plastic

The Green Frog Designs Chicken Lodge Medium is the perfect coop for both beginners and experienced chicken keepers. This small hen house will comfortably accommodate up to three large fowl or four bantams.

All our chicken coops are designed and manufactured in the UK using 100% recycled plastic waste. This means that our housing is extremely durable, effortless to clean and is eco-friendly, too!

Every Green Frog poultry coop is built to last and is for sale with a 25-year warranty included.

Chicken Lodge or Chicken House?

Our Chicken Lodge comes complete with a 23cm stand to raise your chicken coop off the ground, providing extra protection from predators, reducing the risk of frostbite in the winter, and making it even easier to collect eggs. Click here to view our Chicken House Small, which is available at ground level.


1 Review

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  • Dani Charleson from Inverurie, Aberdeenshire United Kingdom - 14th Nov 2014

    Chicken Lodge Small

    Very easy to build and keep clean,plenty of space for our 4 small bantam hens.Kids love the colour and it looks amazing in our garden :). Best purchase we've made this year.

1 Review

  • Dani Charleson from Inverurie, Aberdeenshire United Kingdom - 14th Nov 2014

    Chicken Lodge Small

    Very easy to build and keep clean,plenty of space for our 4 small bantam hens.Kids love the colour and it looks amazing in our garden :). Best purchase we've made this year.

FEATURES of your Recycled Plastic Chicken Coop from Green Frog Designs

Interior: This chicken lodge has one nest box and one removable wooden perch. The nest box is cleverly located on the side of the coop to provide even more internal space for your chickens.

Door: The door is designed so that it won’t trap dirt in the door slots, and it can be easily opened and closed manually, or with a Chickenguard automatic door opener. The door is very safe for chickens and is too small for foxes to gain entry.

Easy Access and Cleaning: The nest box lid can be easily removed to gain access to freshly laid eggs using quick-release pins. For routine cleaning, the full width back panel detaches in the same way in seconds. The smooth plastic interior allows dirt to be effortlessly removed using a brush in just a fraction of the time of other poultry coops available on the market. For more thorough cleaning, the roof detaches in seconds to provide even further access, and more stubborn dirt can be removed using a hose or pressure washer. Unlike wooden coops, plastic dries in minutes, which is particularly useful in winter.

Ventilation: Our poultry products feature adjustable air vents to provide the chickens with constant air flow, preventing respiratory issues and reducing moisture content within the coop. At least one vent should be open permanently.

Assembly: This product is delivered flat-packed and can be quickly assembled by following the comprehensive instructions in the user guide, or by watching our assembly YouTube video- you should allow about an hour for this if it is the first time you have assembled one of our houses or lodges. Most parts are held together using clips made from our own waste plastic, though quick release clips (linch pins) and some other parts are metal. The house features carry handles on the roof so it can be easily moved around a garden once assembled. If you ever need to relocate your coop to a different address, it is just as easily dismantled and will not be damaged during the process.

CAPACITY - Coop suitable for 2-3 large chickens or 4 bantams

Poultry Club of Great Britain Guidelines indicate that this house is suitable for a maximum of three large fowl or four bantams.

Soil Association Guidelines which require a little more space per bird, suggest that this house is ideal for up to 2 larger birds or 3 bantams.

Both of these guidelines can be followed, and it is always recommended to provide your birds with a little more extra space, if possible.


Not the ideal size for your brood?


The Chicken Lodge Small is available in Green, Blue or Yellow, and the colour is UV protected to prevent fading.
This colour applies to the roof and the nest box lid only - all other plastic parts are black.
The door is aluminium (unpainted).



Overall Dimensions: 106 (w) x 100 (h) x 116 (d) cm (including ramp, roof overhang and nest boxes)
House Dimensions: 78 (w) x 100 (h) x 76 (d) cm (excluding ramp, including nest boxes)
Internal Floorspace: 59 (w) x 80 (d) cm (excluding nest boxes)
Perches: 1 wooden perch, 59cm usable length
Ground Clearance: 22.5 cm
Nest Box: 28 (w) x 30 (d) cm (internal measurement)


Droppings Trays - In certain atmospheric conditions or if the chickens come into the lodge after being outside in the rain, condensation can form inside the coop. Normally, this evaporates or drains straight out of the chicken lodge and is not a problem at all. However, if you use an absorbent bedding material such as newspaper or wood shavings, this will 'wick up' any moisture. This moisture will react with the droppings to give off ammonia, which is not good for the respiratory health of your birds. The solution is really quite simple, and it is to use droppings trays to contain the bedding. 

Droppings trays also make it easier to clean your hen house. They are easy to handle, and you can simply tip the droppings and shavings into a wheelbarrow or garden refuse sack.

Our droppings trays for our chicken coops are made from black recycled plastic (ABS - the same material used for car bumpers). We use 2.5mm thick ABS, which make trays quite rigid and surprisingly tough. The trays are approximately 25mm (one inch) deep, so hold a good quantity of bedding, such as wood shavings. The surfaces are smooth, and they have sloping sides, so they are easy to clean and can be stacked if required. Please note that the trays are not an exact fit, and there will be small gaps between the edges of the trays and the sides of the coop.

Top tip: we generally find that wood shavings are preferable to newspaper as a bedding/litter material.

Automatic Door Opener - This lodge has been designed to work with a Chickenguard Automatic Opener. This simply bolts to the front of the house (holes are pre-drilled for you) and the cord attaches to a split ring in the door, replacing the manual draw cord and handle.
We supply the Chickenguard Premium opener, which has the following features:

- Auto Open - Specify Time or Light Level
- Auto Close - Specify Time or Light Level
- Manual Open and Close - Large Buttons
- Simple to set up and reliable to use
- Weatherproof housing
- Runs on 4 x AA batteries with low battery warning
- UK designed and manufactured
- 3 Year warranty

The Chickenguard opener can be bought with this product or can be bought later (see our Spares/Accessories section). It costs more to buy later, as extra shipping costs will be incurred.

We're proud to produce and sell eco-friendly chicken coops made from recycled plastic. Green Frog's chicken coops are manufactured in the UK. And if you're buying in the UK, we'll ship your chicken house to you for free*



Here is the User Guide for this product. It includes full assembly instructions adobepdf.jpg.

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