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Green Frog Designs Ltd

Fun, functional products that don't cost the earth !



Green Frog Designs was founded on the belief that a business doesn’t have to compromise to develop great products at great prices that protect the environment, too. Launched in 2009, we still have the same bold spirit today. 

Our poultry housing adventure was born out of a love of both design and animals. We’ve kept chickens, ducks, peacocks, frogs, dogs and cats and have experienced the pros and cons of all types of houses throughout the years. 

In our experience, the solutions available on the market just haven’t been up to the challenge – they’re either too lightweight, made from cheap materials that crack or break, don’t provide enough space for birds, are difficult to clean or just simply not fit for purpose. This frustration led us to a solution. 

Green Frog Designs was founded with a simple mission: to build an animal home that was easy to use, long-lasting and didn’t cost the earth (in more ways than one). One that was built to be the best for the animal, not mass produced for retailers. One that could cope with British weather, not fade in the sun or rot in the rain. One that simply did the job. Really well. We decided that our product innovation would come from first-hand experience, not market research or spreadsheets. Because red mite shouldn’t be something to get rid of. We’ve made sure our homes solve problems, before they become problems.

We are not alone in our search for the perfect chicken coop. Our houses are used and loved by first-time chicken keepers, professional poultry breeders, young families, and animal lovers, worldwide. And that motivates us to keep improving. Ultimately, life is about enjoying the everyday things. And for us, that’s seeing healthy chickens roaming free, spending more time collecting warm, fresh eggs with our family and spending less time on maintenance.

We’re protectors of the things we love. So, our coops couldn’t be anything less. 


Company Registration Details

Registered Name: Green Frog Designs Ltd
Company Type: Private Limited Company
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Date of Incorpration: 25 Jun 2009
11 Baker Close, Oakwood Business Park, Clacton-on-Sea, CO15 4AA

Registration Number: 06944736

VAT Registration Number: UK977 1986 51