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Chicken Lodge Medium

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    Our Chicken Lodge Medium is made from recycled plastic and will hold a maximum of 5 large fowl or 9 bantams. It has 2 removable wooden perches. It is identical to the Chicken House, except that it has integral legs that raise it off the ground.The door is designed so that it won't trap dirt in the door slots, and it can be easily opened and closed, either manually or with a Chickenguard auto-opener. Access to inspect the birds can be gained via a full width back door which detaches using quick release pins. When the door is removed, there is no 'lip' on the floor edge. This, and the fact that the roof removes in seconds as well, makes regular cleaning a breeze. Access to the nesting box is quick and easy - just remove two quick release pins and lift off the lid. The entire nest box can be completely removed for cleaning by undoing more quick release pins.This lodge has permanent under-eave ventilatipon, as well as two adjustable circular vents. Even though the sides are made from black plastic, the house remains surprisingly cool, even in strong, direct summer sunlight. Being plastic, the houses require no maintenance. There are few crevices for pests (such as red mite) to hide in, and the house can be thoroughly cleaned very easily - in seconds if you have a pressure washer. And it will dry out very quickly, too.Carry handles are cut into the roof, so it is easy to move. But, even if you need to dismantle your hen house for any reason, perhaps because you are moving house for example, you can easily do so and then rebuild it just as easily. Your hen house will not be damaged by this process.

    Poultry Club of Great Britain Guidelines indicate that this house would be suitable for 5 large fowl or 9 bantams. However, we prefer Soil Association Guidelines which require a little more space per bird, and suggest that it is ideal for up to 4 larger birds or 7 bantams.

    AUTOMATIC OPENER (Optional Extra)
    This house has been designed to work with a Chickenguard Automatic Opener. This simply bolts to the front of the house (holes are pre-drilled for you) and the cord attaches to a split ring in the door, replacing the manual draw cord and handle.
    Chickenguard openers have the following features:

    - Auto Open - Specify Time or Light Level
    - Auto Close - Specify Time or Light Level
    - Manual Open and Close - Large Buttons
    - Simple to set up and reliable to use
    - Runs on 4 x AA batteries
    - UK designed and manufactured
    - 2 Year warranty

    The Chickenguard opener can be bought with this product, or can be bought later (see our Spares/Accessories section).

    Sorry, but none of these options are available for our Lodges.

    DROPPINGS TRAYS (Optional Extra)
    Droppings Trays are offered as an optional extra for this product. In certain atmospheric conditions or if the chickens come into the house after being outside in the rain, condensation can form inside the house. Normally, this evaoprate or drains straight out of the house and is not a problem at all. However, if you use an absorbent bedding material such as newspaper or wood shavings, this will 'wick up' any moisture. This moisture will react with the droppings to give off ammonia, which is not good for the respiratory health of your birds.

    The solution is really quite simple, and it is to use droppings trays to contain the bedding.  Incidentally, we generally find that wood shavings are preferable to newspaper as a bedding/litter material.

    Droppings trays also make it easier to clean the house. They are easy to to handle and you can simply tip the droppings and shavings into a wheelbarrow.

    Our Droppings Traya are made from black recycled plastic (ABS - the same material used for car bumpers). We use 2.5mm thick ABS, which make trays quite rigid and surprisingly tough. The trays are approximately 25mm (one inch) deep, so hold a decent quantity of bedding, such as wood shavings. The surfaces are smooth and they have sloping sides, so they are easy to clean and can be stacked if required. Please note that the trays are not an exact fit, and there will be small gaps between the edges of the trays and the sides of the house.

    The house is made primarily from 9mm thick recycled polyethylene (the roofs and nest box lids are made from 6mm). It is delivered flat-packed and can be quickly assembled by following the comprehensive instructions in our User Guide - you should allow about an hour for this if it is the first time you have assembled one of our houses. Most parts are held together using clips made from our own waste plastic, though quick release clips (linch pins) and some other parts are metal..

    Overall Dimensions: 106 (w) x 100 (h) x 137 (d) cm (including ramp, roof overhang and nest boxes)
    House Dimensions: 78 (w) x 100 (h) x 100 (d) cm (excluding ramp, roof overhang and nest boxes)
    Internal Floorspace: 59 (w) x 80 (d) cm (excluding nest boxes)
    Nest Boxes: 2, each 28 (w) x 23-30 (h) x 30 (d) cm (internal measurement)
    Ground Clearance: 22.5cm
    Perches: 2 wooden perches, each 59cm usable length

    This product is available in Green, Blue or Yellow.
    This colour applies to the roof and the nest box lid only - all other plastic parts are black.
    The door is aluminium (unpainted).


    Here is the User Guide for this product. It includes full assembly instructions adobepdf.jpg.
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    Assembly of Green Frog Designs Chicken Housing

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    1. Medium Chicken Lodge

      Having bought the large chicken lodge approximately 5 years ago and its still going strong, I decided to buy a medium one for my bantam hens. Having a very handy husband who put the large one up with ease he presumed the new one would be the same but it wasn't quite as straightforward. The instructions were misleading in some instances and the first job was to use the 9 nuts which were missing, fortunately we have a DIY store just down the road so were able to get some. The design I feel is not quite as good as the first one I purchased 5 years ago. The door is now metal and not plastic and the edge is very sharp. [GFD - Apologies for the missing nuts. The door edges are laser cut and to say they are very sharp is incorrect.]

      Having said all of the above I am still very happy with my purchase and I know it will last me years.
      on 14th Jan 2017

    2. Excellent

      After coming to Templecombe to check out the size and quality of the chicken lodge , we decided to purchase the medium size. Very easy to construct and very happy with quality... Nice to see we can get spare parts if these are ever needed... Our girls settled in lovely and we find it is very easy to clean . Very happy with our purchase and would definately recommend .... on 7th Dec 2016

    3. Medium Chicken Coop

      After buying the large chicken coop and being so impressed with it. I ordered a medium sized coop. Again I was very pleased with this product from fast delivery service , being able to choose the roof colour to adding extras should you want them. The team were very helpful and prompt in answering my queries. I personally would highly recommend buying from this company. Yes the coops are not cheap but I believe they will last for years and NO more pesky red mite that plagued my bantams when I used wooden coops. on 23rd Oct 2016

    4. Excellent chicken house

      The roof on our second wood coop started to fail after a couple of years. This coincided with a bad outbreak of red mite so after researching the market we decided to get a plastic hen house so that we could clean it more easily.
      The chicken lodge was delivered the day after ordering it. It was easy to build taking less than an hour. It feels very robust and i like the way we can take it apart to clean it so easily. Incidentally the only red mite we could find in it was in the holes that hold the pins in the perches. this was easily defeated by dusting.
      There was a little flash but I sanded this very quickly with a sanding block . I tried to fix my Chuxaway SCX but after temporarily attaching it to the lodge decided to order a chicken guard instead. I could get the SCX to work but it would mean drilling plenty of holes in the brand new lodge to fit the components and pulleys and decided the chicken guard offered a more simple solution. It works perfectly with the door and simple to attach.
      All in all this is an excellent product and I expect it to easily outlast the wooden coops we have had.
      on 30th Aug 2016

    5. So good I bought a second one

      This chicken house is perfect, easy to clean and my chickens love it. In fact it is so good I bought a second one to house my chicks which have just grown big enough to have their own house. I was worried about the extreme weather we can have here in NW Scotland but the coop has been fine and not tried to blow away. on 20th Jul 2016

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